July 24, 2010

Gaming Faster with Game Booster

If our computer specifications is less than the requirements of a game, it would cause the game that we play will seem slow. this is because computers do other tasks besides running the game. That another task is programs that run automatically when computer starts. 
This problem can be solved using “Game Booster” software. This software can disable the programs or services that may be disturbing when playing games. This software is free and can be downloaded here. How to use it is easy. Just install the game booster like normal installation. After the installation progress is done, open the program and a new window will showed like this 
You will see there are many unnecessary programs that running on your computer. That program can cause garbage when running game or other application. But don't worry, this program can shuting down all of them, it can defrag the game directory too, so the game will run faster after that. 

How to Use it?
 If you want to play games faster, just click “switch to gaming mode!”. Then select services that will be turned off (like anti virus, or etc). After that all unnecessary background processes and services that selected will be shutted down. It will release an amount of RAM so the game will run faster.

“Note : I have tried this program and my computer memory space is increased by 55 MB after running this program.“ Don’t be afraid, that unnecessary background processes and services can be restored again later. If you want to restore the background program open the game booster then click “back to normal mode”
This program can used to defraging your game files too. If you want to defrag the game directory, just click game defrag on the tabs of the program. Then the window will be like this.

Then select game or program that will be analyzed and it will show how many files that can be fragmented.
It is easy right??

I hope this can be a useful information for all.

download game booster here

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